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Panoramic Waterbus 960-1260

Panoramic Waterbus 960-1260

Let your passengers enjoy an immersive view on their tour with Bestyear's Panoramic Waterbus.


Panoramic Views

This waterbus features its panoramic windows that allow for a near-180 degree non-obstructed view of the outside. By connecting the passengers closely with the exceptional views offered, the waterbus provides its operator an exceptional opportunity to showcase the surrounding sceneries, and promises a great value for moeny for those who choose to ride on it.


Flexible Sizes

Besides the views, the Panoramic Waterbus also stands out for its flexible design and use of space, by loading from 24-50 passengers with varying interior arrangements and lengths available. The three avaibable sizes inclde,

  1. 9.68m, with max load of 29 passengers
  2. 11.59m, with max load of 40 passengers
  3. 12.56m, with max load of 50 passengers

This waterbus is also compatible with all engine types (inboard, outboard, etc.)


Safety & Quality

Adopting a RIB-inspired design, the Panoramic Waterbus offers above-grade safety measures for better balance in water. In addition, with a 3-entrance design, passengers can choose to enter and exit the waterbus from both sides, as well as the rear, avoiding the need to line up and wait. 


The panoramic windows are available in heat-proof materials, with the indoor A/C, are able to block the heat from the sunlight and gives passengers maximum comfort while enjoying the view. 


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    • Length: 9.68 / 11.59 / 12.56m
    • Width: 3.2m
    • Depth: 1.25m
    • Max Load (Passengers): 29 / 40 / 50
    • Hull Material: Fiberglass

    • Outboard Gasoline
    • Inboard Diesel + Sterndrive
    • Inboard Diesel + Waterjet

    This waterbus is standardly equipped with interior decorations, lifesaving & firefighting equipment, passenger & helmsman seats, bar counter, illumination, battery, navigation lights, remote-control search lights, etc.

    A/C & generator are available as additional options.


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