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Is a Houseboat for You?

As you go through life, you will occasionally hear of people who live on houseboats. These are actual boats, but they are different from most other watercraft in significant ways. As the name implies, the biggest difference is that a houseboat is set up like a house inside. They include house-like kitchens and bedrooms, and even their bathrooms seem like the ones in land-based houses – at least in terms of their size and how they are used. Some houseboats even have two stories.

A houseboat is also a boat, so it indeed floats on the water. It can also be sailed to new places relatively easily. However, due to its focus on being a house, it is not suited for deep water journeys. Instead, it needs to stay relatively close to shore. If a big storm comes, it might also need to be moved to a safer port.

When you're thinking of getting one of your own, you should keep in mind that its boat manufacture will present some significant differences compared to a land-based house. You may not have connected plumbing, which means that you'll have to actively dump bathroom effluent in a way that's approved by the locality where you are docked. A lack of municipal water connectivity also means that you'll need to bring in drinking water. You may not have grid power either, and instead, have to use generators or other alternative power systems. These issues are no problem for some people, but others will soon tire of this camper-like lack of grid connectivity.

All in all, using boat manufacture for a house is fine for some people, but not all. Give serious thoughts to the logistics to make sure that you'll enjoy the lifestyle.

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