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Patrol & Work Boats for Sale

Discover Bestyear's work boat collection, featuring specialized boats designed for patrol, survey, research, emergency rescue, pilot and other purposes related to nearshore and offshore working

Professionally Serving Worldwide Clients for 20+ years

Bestyear's Patrol Boat & Work Boat collection has a history of over 20 years. With strong global presence, leading service and product qualities, as well as extensive product offerings, Bestyear is the one-stop-shop for answering to patrol & work boat needs.
Through this process, Bestyear was able to continuously improve is craftsmanship and design from our clients worldwide.

Experienced in Commercial & Military Supplies

Each year, Bestyear works closely with leading NGO, government and commercial clients worldwide to provide our patrol & work boat solutions. Amongst its competitors, Bestyear stands out for the flexibility in customizations permitted, in answering to the ever-changing needs of each organization.

Discover what we can do for your organization today.

Extensive Catalog from New to Used

With 35+ existing patrol boat & work boat offerings ranging from 4-20 meters, Bestyear's solutions extend further with second-hand / used models, customized designs, as well as continuously evolving models available. 

Talk to us today, and receive a proposal extending beyond our catalog below.

Still Not Sure Where to Start? Just Reach Out

Let us take care of the hard part for you.

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