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Qingdao, China 266071

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  • What payments methods are accepted for my boat orders?
    We follow the standard international trade procedures for all your boat orders, and adopt a Telegraphic Transfer (TT) as the only accepted method of payment at the moment. You can learn more about how TT works, in international trade, and common methods to avoid fraud here.
  • When do I pay for my boat orders?
    Payments are required in 2-3 installments for most orders. To begin the manufacturing process, an initial deposit of 40% is required for security purposes, as well as for the manufacturer to procure the necessary materials and resources. For larger orders, an additional 30% of payment will be required when the hull is completed. The final payment will be required prior to the shipment of the completed boats. For security purposes, we require all payments to be received before we send the products for shipment.
  • How much does shipping cost for a boat?
    Shipping cost varies by the size and quantity of the boat(s), as well as the destination port. The cost changes by season due to the different supply and demand of ocean freight capacity. If you know the size of the container that the boat will need, you can look up here for a rough estimate of the shipping cost. Otherwise, shipping cost can be provided upon inquiry.
  • What other costs would incur for international boat purchases?
    Generally speaking, when purchasing a boat internationally, the buyer would need to consider their costs in five categories, 1. Cost of making of the boat 2. Cost of shipping 3. Cost of shipping insurance 4. Custom duties 5. Port charges In which, #1 and #2 are usually more significant than other categories.
  • How do I clear customs for the boats purchased?
    Custom clearance can be done either independently by the customers, or through hiring of an agent locally. Prior to shipping, we will provide you with an ISF number, which includes information such as the shipment identifier, AMS (for the U.S.), etc. that you'll need to register the shipment with your local custom authority, and to pick it up from the port.
  • Can I speak to someone as a reference?
    Yes, we recommend you to talk to existing clients of Bestyear's to understand better the boat purchasing process, as well as to verify our credibility. We can provide you local or nearby references upon request.
  • Can I come and visit the manufacturing site / see the boats?
    Yes. If possible, we encourage you to come visit the manufacturing site(s) that will be responsible for your orders. If the models you are purchasing for happen to have existing products, we will also make arrangements to show you the current models available. This process can happen both before placing your order, as well as after your order is completed as quality assurance.
  • How can I conduct quality control remotely?
    Most of our clients choose one of the below methods to ensure their orders meet their expecations. 1. Visiting the manufacturing site personally and examine the order(s) 2. If you prefer to remain remote, we recommend you to work with a third party quality control to ensure objectivity in their assessment. You can look up recommended Quality Inspection Service Providers in China from your respective countries as a start 3. We also provide video and photos of the semi-completed parts and products along the manufacturing process
  • Do you work with any dealers?
    Depending on the product and the geographical region, certain models are protected for our dealers' exclusive distribution. If you are a dealer that's interested in working with Bestyear, please contact us with your intended models for distribution. We will schedule a meeting with you for further discussions.
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