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Passenger Boats & Water Taxis for Sale

Discover 50+ models of passenger boats and water taxies for sale by Bestyear Boats (China), with 20 years of experience & industry recognition. All passenger boats are shipped worldwide, and follows robust quality inspection procedures

Originated in China, Inspired by The World

Bestyear's Passenger Boats and Water Taxi series are all originally developed in Mainland China. Over the years, Bestyear has supplied over 300 passenger boats to across the world, for tourism, sightseeing and ferry companies, as well as to government authorities / militaries. 


Through this process, Bestyear was able to continuously improve is craftsmanship and design from our clients worldwide.

Flexible & Customizable for All Needs

All passenger boats and water taxi / waterbus for sale by Bestyear offer extensive customization - a benefit that you won't find in used boats. From interior design to vessel dimensions (length, depth), Bestyear products are flexible to adapt to varying environmental and commercial needs from their buyers. 

Simply contact us to find out about the solutions we offer.

Passenger Boat Importing & Registration

Having supplied vessels to customers globally, Bestyear's passenger boats, water taxi and waterbuses are tested with the ability to import and register in all countries we have sold the boats to. Furthermore, we provide a list of details you'll require to import and register your passenger boat, and provide shipping arrangements as part of our service.


Bestyear Boats


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