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Catamaran Boats

The Benefits of Catamaran Boats

Catamaran boats are popular among individuals, and this gives many people the idea that there is only one basic style of these watercraft. However, the concept is actually seen in many other sizes, some of which rise multiple stories above the waterline. These larger catamarans look so different from the family-sized ones that only those who really know watercraft would guess that they share the same name.

The main thing that makes catamaran boats so popular among such disparate users is their stability. They have wide bottoms that make them easy to board and reduce rocking from waves. Families love this because they can all fit into the boat with room to spare, and can enjoy food or drinks without spilling them. Their stability is also calming for those who would otherwise be nervous on the water. They are easy to board without fear of tipping, unlike canoes, which can rock severely when boarded or disembarked from.

Large catamaran boats share the same benefits as the small ones, and this makes them popular for use as public restaurants and touring craft. These boats are often used on big rivers or near the shores of oceans or the Great Lakes.

A catamaran manufacturer will warn that these boats aren't made to handle huge waves. Therefore, they shouldn't be taken far from shore, especially when used in the ocean. Instead, they are best for near-shore travel, or even for semi-permanent anchorage as floating restaurants.

The catamaran manufacturer can also outfit them as yachts. In these cases, they often don't look like catamaran boats at all, at least when it comes to the part that can be seen. However, under the water line, the yacht variety retains the stability expected of the catamaran style of vessel.

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