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Passenger Boat Boats

What Kinds of Passenger Boats can a Boat Builder Produce?

Everyone gets a specific image when they hear the words "ferry boat," but this image isn't actually the same for each person. Instead, it will depend on the specifics of the vessels they saw when they first learned of the concept. Because of this, it's important to consider the specific attributes of the boat when it's time for you to buy one.

The first thing to think about is just which design you need. A ferry boat can be a catamaran, pontoon boat, or even a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat). Some other designs can be found, as well. Typically, these boats have bottoms that are flat or nearly so, which gives them good stability. They are also relatively wide for their lengths, and this allows plenty of passengers to fit.

Next, think about the size of the ferry boats you need. It is important to match this with the expected number of riders. A big boat can let you make fewer trips, but those who miss the departure time will have to wait longer before there are enough new passengers to make another run. Meanwhile, if your boats are too small, you'll have to make too many runs to be sufficiently efficient or profitable.

If you have been running a ferry service for a long time, it's easier to gauge the size and number of craft you need. However, if you're just starting up, you'll have to start with a projection of expected usage. In that case, try to get stats for tourism or commuting in your immediate area. The local chamber of commerce may be helpful.
If your main ridership will be tourists, consider adding other types of vessels to your fleet, as well. A boat builder that makes ferry boats can also provide a panga or two for fishing excursions or rentals. You can also add a panga to a larger ferry fleet to carry extra passengers or to make journeys when the larger boats are already at port for the night.

Another good use for a panga is as your personal watercraft. If you're in a location where ferry service is needed to get somewhere, there will be times that you want to go on your own. Using a panga for this is similar to how a bus driver doesn't take an entire bus with him when he wants to go to the store, but instead, drives a car. Having boats of multiple sizes for different purposes simply makes sense, both for business profitability and for the environment. Contact us here at Bestyear Boats to explore your options.

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