Electric Sightseeing Boat E1380 / 1580

Electric Sightseeing Boat E1380 / 1580

Bestyear's E1380-1580 sightseeing boat is a series of electric fiberglass boat for passenger transportation and sightseeing purposes. The electric power with less pollution and noice which can make the boat more environmental-friendly. Both the hull and the hardtop are made of fiberglass, and the entire boat is made from marine materials.


The boat comes with a hard top, pilot house and 30-60 plastic seats, as well as  a seperate washroom at the stern. The openness of the design makes it exceptionally suitable for sightseeing.


The recommend engine type is electrical motor. It can also be equipped with 1-2 pieces of outboard engines.  


Please contact us for more details.

SKU: PB1380E