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Hera 48 Aluminum Catamaran Yacht

Hera 48 Aluminum Catamaran Yacht

Bestyear's Hera is an aluminum luxury yacht for sightseeing and entertainment. The hull of Hera is built with marine-grade aluminium, reducing the overall weight of the ship and allowing it to travel at a faster speed. We chose aluminum for its anti-corrosion qualities, to increase the service life of this yacht. The catamaran hull structure of Hera can also reduce the resistance, make the yacht run more smoothly.


Hera is designed with two layers, both the two decks can be used for sightseeing and there are two steering systems, each with one in the cabin and upper deck. The cabin can equipt with air conditioner, television, refrigerator, sofa, shower, toilet, etc.


Besides the above, Hera also comes standardly equipped with console, stainless steel door and window, windscreen, wiper, navigation light, etc. The yacht can be built based on custom designs and choices of materials & equipment as well, based on its buyer's needs. The recommended engines are 2*320HP inboard diesel engine.  


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SKU: LY1466A

    • Length: 14.66m
    • Width: 5.49m
    • Depth: 1.48m
    • Speed: 20kn
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Number of Passengers: 16

    • Inboard Diesel + Stern Driver

    The boat comes with complete marine equipments including console, navigation light, fuel tank, radio, bilge pump, water tank, restroom, a/c & generator, seat cushion, battery, etc.


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