Bestyear 800 Speedboat

Bestyear 800 Speedboat

This speed 800 boat is a fiberglass speed boat, both for family leisure, fisher fishing day and night and government affairs purpose,The boat has a large cabin and open deck at rear, bench seat at rear, the cabin equipped with bench seats for 2 to 4 persons, table, wash basin , top window and side window, luxury slid door or folding door. The boat also has complete marine equipments such as the console, driver seat, sofa, passenger seats, stainless steel rails, navigation lights, switch panel, radio, fuel tanks, etc. The inside decoration can also be done with your unique design to make it a practical boat or luxurious boat. One or two outboard engines version. For more details, welcome to contact us


    • Length: 8.1m
    • Width: 2.64m
    • Depth: 1.19m
    • Speed: 15-25kn
    • Material: Fiberglass
    • Number of Passengers: 13

    • Outboard Gasoline

    The boat comes with complete marine equipments including console, navigation light, fuel tank, radio, bilge pump, seat cushion, battery, etc.

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