Electric Catamaran Boat E550 / E750 (Available with Cabin)

Electric Catamaran Boat E550 / E750 (Available with Cabin)

Bestyear's Catamaran E550 & E750 is a series of electric pontoon / catamaran boats for sightseeing and entertainment in lake, river, costal or other calm water.


The pontoon design reduces the resistance, improve the speed, and at the same time increase stability. Compared with the propulsion method of propeller by diesel engine directly, the electric propulsion is economical, low noise, low vibration, can improve the maneuverability and maneuverability of the ship.


The hull is all fiberglass with long bench sofa and table in the cabin. The boat can be built with the following designs,

  • Cabin
  • Open deck, with or without canopy

The open deck can also used for sightseeing or fishing.  


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