S40 Commercial Catamaran Sailboat

S40 Commercial Catamaran Sailboat

The S40 Commercial Camataran Sailboat is a fiberglass sailboat that is ideal for tourism, sightseeing, and passenger transportation purposes.


The boat adopts the catamaran design, which improves the speed, and at the same time increase stability. The boat can be optionally equipped with 2x50-60HP outboard engines as an additional power source.


It can also be built to 30ft in length, should the buyer prefers a compact version.


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SKU: SA1200B

    • Length: 40ft / 12m
    • Width: 6.6m
    • Draft: 0.65m
    • Depth: 1.4m
    • Material: Fiberglass
    • Number of Passengers: 40

    • Outboard Gasoline

    The boat comes with complete marine equipments including console, navigation light, fuel tank, bilge pump, seat cushion, battery, sail (for sailboats only), mast (for sailboats only), etc.

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