Catamaran Boat  4800 for 200-250 Passengers

Catamaran Boat 4800 for 200-250 Passengers

The 48m Catamaran Boat for 200-250 Passengers is a large ship for passengers transfer which can accommodate 200 to 260 passengers. The hull is made of steel and the structure is made of aluminium.It has passenger cabin, crew cabin, engine cabin, cargo cabin, watertight compartments etc. The passenger cabin has living room, bedroom, dining room, activity room, kitchen etc. All rooms equipped with modern electrical equipment and luxurious decoration, can give passengers a more comfortable travel experience. At the same time, the ship equipped with completely marine equipments and all materials are marine grade. The recommend engine type is two 1000HP to 1300HP inboard engines. For more details, please contact us.

SKU: PB4800A