Catamaran Passenger Ferry 3200

Catamaran Passenger Ferry 3200

Bestyear's Catamaran Passenger Ferry 3200 is a large double-deck vessel for passenger transportation purposes. 


The boat comes with standard equipment including outfitting, interior decor, passenger seating and facilities, as well as electrical and engines systems. 


The default interior design includes 198 passenger seats, kitchen, washrooms for both genders on both floors, utility room and a bar area for the upper deck. This design can be customized based on the specific requirements of the buyer. 


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SKU: PB3200C

    • Length: 32m
    • Width: 8.5m
    • Depth: 3.2m
    • Max Passengers: 250 + 10 Crew
    • Designed Speed: 16kn

    • Inboard Diesel + Gearbox, Shaft & Propeller
    • 550HP x 2

    The passenger ferry comes with marine equipment including,

    • Engine system
    • Electrical system (generator, battery, distribution, lighting, etc.)
    • Outfitting (fender, ladder, rails, varying rooms and interior decor, etc.)

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