Catamaran Passenger Boat 1080-1280 Series

Catamaran Passenger Boat 1080-1280 Series

Bestyear's Catamaran Passenger Boat 1080 is a fiberglass catamaran boat for passenger transportation purposes. The catamaran design enables the boat to travel fast and steadily.


The passenger boat has three models with varying lengths,

  • 1080 Model: 10.8m in length, carrying up to 33 passengers
  • 1160 Model: 11.6m in length, carrying up to 39 passengers
  • 1280 Model: 12.8m in length, carrying up to 51 passengers



Standard accessories: Cabin, Console, Helmsman seat, Passenger seats, Window, Stainless steel rails, Hatch, navigation lights etc.

Optional: Washroom, Engines, Hydraulic steering system, life jackets, GPS etc.


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SKU: PB1080A

    • Length: 10.8m
    • Width: 3.8m
    • Depth: 1.62m
    • Speed: 20-30kn
    • Material: Fiberglass
    • Number of Passengers: 25

    • Outboard Gasoline
    • Inboard Diesel + Stern Driver
    • Inboard Diesel + Waterjet

    The Catamaran Passenger Boat 1180-1280 series comes with complete marine equipment, including bilge pump, anchor, search lights, navigation systems, battery, fuel tank, lifesaving & firefighting systems, passenger seating & interior decor.  

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