Aluminum Landing Craft 2200

Aluminum Landing Craft 2200

There is one readily built unit on sale for a limited time, equipped with WeiChai 205KW x 2 inboard engines and full equipment. Kindly contact us for details.




Bestyear's Aluminum Landing Craft 2200 is a large aluminium cargo ship for commercial cargo or automobile transportation usages.


The hull is fully made of marine aluminum. The pilot house can be built on the deck, or upstairs to allow a fully open deck for more loading capacity. The designed loading capacity is about 1-2 40HQ containers.


The vessel also has complete marine equipements such as wheelhouse, driver seats, heavy duty no slip deck, rails, windscreen, water tank, fuel tank, etc.Inboard engine or outboard engine both can be used in it and the recommended engine power is 2*350HP.   


Please contact us for more details.

SKU: LC2200A