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Aluminum Work Cargo 1800

Aluminum Work Cargo 1800

Bestyear's Work Cargo 1800 is a robust vessel built with transportation of large quantity of cargoes in mind. The hull is built fully with Marine DNV grade aluminum material, providing corrosion-resistency and prolonged service lifespan.


The spacious, open cargo deck offers easy handling of the deck loads, while the raised pilothouse provides a clear and excellent view over the cargo deck as well as the boat's surroundings.


Standardly equipped with imported Cummins engines, autopilot system, generator, air conditioning and lifesaving systems, this vessel is the ideal choice for those who seek for peace of mind in a packaged fully-ready solution. It is also equipped for the towing equipment of barges, providing flexibility in its functionality.


Besides the complete suite of marine equipment, the vessel can also be built customized based on the buyer's individual requests, in terms of the layout and other choice of accessories. 

Please contact us for more information about this vessel.

SKU: WB1800A

    • Length: 18m
    • Beam: 6m
    • Draft: 1.8m
    • Hull Material: Aluminum
    • Crew: 2-4

    • Inboard Diesel
    • Cummins 220HP, 2pc

    The work boat comes standardly equipped with inboard diesel engines, fuel tank, navigation system, lifesaving & firefighting systems, and other marine equipment. 


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