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Bestyear Longline Commercial Fishing Trawler Completing Water Trial

Prior to shipping out the finished boats to our clients, Bestyear conducts a thorough water trial to ensure its safety and optimal performance.

This week, a 11.6m Longline Commercial Fishing Trawler was tested upon completion of manufacturing near the facilities. This particular boat is built for longline and deep-sea fishing, and is accordingly equipped with a spacious fish storage space to suit multi-day fishing trips.

The boat as shown in the video is powered by a 220HP Volvo inboard engine, as per the client's request.

This commercial fishing trawler is built for a client in the Pacific - we certainly hope they are as happy with the performance as we are upon test driving the boat.

To find out more about this boat, you can visit the product page here and submit an inquiry. You are also welcome to check out our catalog for other models of fishing and panga boats that are on sale.


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