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Landing Craft 2200 - Now on Sale!

Great news for those who're seeking both the flexibility in customization, as well as fast delivery turnaround - we currently have an Aluminum Landing Craft 2200 model semi-completed, and is on sale!

Take a video tour with voice-over introduction through the video below, or simply read about it along this post.

General Information

This landing craft is built fully with #5083 marine-grade aluminum. As a premium grade marine-use aluminum, this material provides extra robustness and strength for the vessel, which prolongs its service lifespan, while enhancing its safety on water.

Built at 22-meter in length, and 5-meter in beam, this landing craft is designed perfectly for the transportation of both cargo and passengers.

Flexible Transportation Options

As an add-on feature, we have pre-installed a 40ft container on top of its deck, giving you a head start for your commercial business.

What's more, the 40ft container is pre-configured with 28 removable passenger seats inside, making it convertible to a passenger cabin for transportation purposes. You can either choose to keep the seats installed when there are guests onboard, or have them removed to make space for cargo and goods.

A close view of the stern

Fully Equipped on Day One

Besides the building of the hull and the container, we have taken further steps to equip the landing craft with a complete suite of marine equipment.

In terms of engines, the Landing Craft 2200 can be configured for either inboard or outboard options, providing the greatest flexibility to its buyer. Our standard engine recommendation is two pieces of WeiChai 205kw marine inboard diesel engines, however you can also choose to upgrade it to Cummins, Mercury, or other outboard options.

Besides the engines, the landing craft also includes standard utilities such as bilge pump, propeller, fresh water pump, etc. A Japanese-imported ICOM VHF telephone is pre-installed for any communication needs. Furthermore, a full suite of lifesaving and firefighting equipment including life jackets, fire extinguishers, life buoys are also provided alongside the vessel.

Bestyear Aluminum Landing Craft 2200
View from the side

No More Delay

Unlike most vessels you'll find at this size, this vessel is brand new, never used, and can be delivered within a very short time period.

Pricing for this landing craft varies by the choice of engines - kindly contact us for more details.

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