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Freshly Built: High-Speed Patrol Boat 796

It's one of these days when our feelings are mixed. Another one of our newly built boats is getting ready for shipping. This time, it's Bestyear's High-Speed Patrol Boat 796 model, custom built for our client in the Egypt market.

Project Overview

This project began with a project request from late 2020, when we were approached by the client, who was in need of a compact-sized patrol boat, and had found our Patrol Boat 796 model to be particularly suitable for his needs.

We started the project in November, completed the building prior to the Chinese New Year holidays in early February, 2021, and shipped it out to the client in late February.

Bestyear High-Speed Patrol Boat 796
High-Speed Patrol Boat 796, being finished up in our manufacturing facility

General Design

The High-Speed Patrol Boat 796 is of 7.96-metre in length, and can be used in near-shore patrolling operations, as well as in lakes and river areas. It adopts a classic front-cabin upper hull design, with 6 built-in passenger seats inside the cabin, and 2 more seats embedded on the stern.

The fuel tank is of 260-litre capacity, and is hidden under the storage hatch on the deck. The cabin door is double-opening, with stainless steel frames and knob. Surrounding the deck at the stern, are handrails made also of stainless steel.

We've also built a transom on the stern to support the engines.

Unique Features

We're particularly proud of this project because of a number of reasons. Firstly, we've built the Patrol Boat 796 with great care, which makes it of a supreme finishing and robust quality, as can easily notice in the Video Tour.

Moreover, with two outboard engines, the Patrol Boat 796 goes up to 50 knots in water, extremely suitable for military patrol, even passenger transportation purposes.

In addition to the speed and quality, this boat has a great benefit of being trailerable, making it simple to transport through in-land highways.

Furthermore, we've added small touches to this project as per the client's request, such as additional FRP seats on the stern deck, to make it personalized for this order.

Overall, we've equipped this boat with all that's needed for it to start operating on Day One - navigation and signal lights, passenger and helmsman seats, control panel, rails, power outlets, etc., so that our client needs only to be busy with actually enjoying the ride.

Video Tour

Interested readers can take a tour of this boat, through the video below. If you're interested in solutioning for your custom boatbuilding projects, please feel free to reach out to us.

A complete catalog of our Patrol & Work Boat offerings can be found through this link. All models are built-to-order, and customizable in terms of exterior, colours, interior layout, engines and accessories.

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