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Truly Stunning: 45ft High-Speed Fishing Boat "Shanghai"

We've just finished the final touches on our first 45ft High-Speed Fishing Boat model, and are shipping this fishing boat out to our client in Dubai this week.

Named Shanghai by our client, this boat adopts the same hull as our featured High-Speed Passenger Boat 1380F, with a completely new set of upper hull designs to make it suitable for personal fishing trips.

Let's take a look at the stunning features of this unique project. You can also choose to take a tour of this boat through our YouTube video (don't forget to subscribe for more videos of custom boat projects).

Exterior Features

  • Length: 45ft / 13.8m

  • Beam: 3.3m

  • Depth: 1.65-1.8m (varying options available)

  • Hull material: Fiberglass

Designed with a deep V hull and stepped waterline on the bottom, Shanghai is the ideal choice for speeding on the water.

We've left the front half of the deck open, with two insulated fishing tanks embedded in the deck. This not only provides its owner with the first-hand experience of the panoramic views as the boat runs, but also gives for plenty of space for fishing activities.

Bestyear 45ft High-Speed Fishing Boat
Sleek contour, with spacious front deck for fishing and sightseeing
Bestyear 45ft High-Speed Fishing Boat
Stepped waterline design to reach all its potential

Stunning Cabin

Guests enter the cabin from the rear end. Inside the cabin, you'll find a stunning view of all redwood furniture and walls, with leathered ceiling. The cabin is equipped with marine acoustic system, central air conditioning system, as well as a set of lighting to illuminate for darker days in the ocean.

We've built an en-suite washroom on the rear end of the cabin, providing facilities for guests when needed.

Bestyear 45ft High-Speed Fishing Boat
Face-to-face sofa seating, redwood & leathered interior


Moving forward into the pilothouse where the drivers operate, you'll find two helmsman seats on each side, with a built-in control system.

We've built both seats with leather, and used the shock-absorbing seat pedestal, absorbing any turbulence caused by waves and the higher speeds.

The driver is equipped with a complete set of navigation controls, including VHF telephone, GPS, and radar system in front of him.

Between the two helms, you'll encounter the front entry to the cabin, where guests can also easily exit into the front deck area for fishing and sightseeing.

Did You Mention Customization?

Yes - since all our projects are built-to-order, there are a number of unique customization that can be done to this model to make it yours.

For example, if you're looking for a fully-open option without a cabin, you can choose to eliminate the cabin design, and opt-in for a set of equally attractive outdoor furniture - leathered seating, outdoor kitchenette, etc.

Additionally, there are varying options for engines to reach the different desired speed, both from international and domestic brands.

Finally, you can of course have the full control of the general layout and style of the cabin - want a sofa with center table? No problem. Want to stay overnight in a cozy stateroom just like home? We've got it. Want the interior to be of minimalism Northern-European style? Hey, nothing stops you.

That's the beauty of custom boat projects - there's no limit to your imagination.


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