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Custom Project: Fishing Boat 1030 - Passenger Version

One of the newly-built Fishing Boat 1030 model has recently gone through its sea trial. This is a custom project for a client organization in the European market.

The Ask

Late 2020, a long-term European client reached out to us for the need of a custom boat solution. The client was looking for an open-hull boat of 11 meters in length, suitable to transport 11 passengers, with the specific ask of having back-to-back passenger seats in fiberglass.

In addition, our client preferred the console to be built in the front half of the boat, as well as having full canopy coverage for the entire boat, including coverage on the side.

The Solution

We initially thought of our Fishing Boat 1030 model as a close resemblance of what's described. Digging deeper, we recognized that some flexible work is needed to suit this boat to meet our client's ask entirely.

Firstly, for the 1030 hull to work, the console will need to be moved to the bow area from its original design. To do this, the standard shaft length provided by Yamaha will no longer be sufficient, requiring customization to lengthen the shaft.

In addition, the current hull is 70cm short for the 11-meter benchmark. Without jeopardizing the structure of the hull, we decided to extend it at the bow and stern each with a stepping board's length to suit the requirements.

A canopy sun shed was built to suit the boat, using 32mm aluminum rails as the supporting structure. The boat is surrounded with transparent soft sheets in plastic for complete converge.

Side-by-side comparison of the original model (left) vs. the new design (right)

Sea Trial

The building process took under 30 days despite the winter season, and the boat passed its sea trial with a complete success.

Installed with two pieces of Yamaha 200HP outboard engines, the boat performed smoothly and reached a speed of 43kn during the sea trial.

Interested readers can refer to the below video for its performance on water, and read more about the Fishing Boat 1030 model here.

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