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Just Built: 11.6m Commercial Fishing Trawler for the Pacific

Bestyear has just delivered a 11.6m Commercial Fishing Trawler last Friday, to our client in one of the French Islands in the Pacific.

Base Facts

This commercial fishing trawler is custom built to suit the requirements from the client, for long distance and long duration fishing trips in the ocean.

  • Length: 11.6m

  • Width: 3.2m

  • Depth: 1.36m

  • Speed: 25-35kn

  • Material: Fiberglass

Engines & Equipment

The trawler is equipped with a Volvo 210HP inboard diesel engine as a power source, as well as two large insulated fish storage tanks for preservation of catches. Based on the specific requirements, this trawler can also be customized to include longline fishing equipment and fishing nets.


To accommodate for extended fishing trips, the trawler is built with resting areas that can house 3-4 crew members. Overall, it is designed with the capabilities to support 3-4 days of offshore fishing work.

This fishing trawler also has a CE certificate.

Water Trial

We have previously posted about the water trial that was conducted for this boat.


For future orders, this vessel can be customized for up to 15 meters in length, and can be equipped with engines of varying horsepower options.

Interested clients can contact us through our website, or email us at


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