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October 2020 - Newly Launched at Bestyear Boats

October is the month for harvesting. It's no difference at Bestyear - we've worked hard to bring new lines of boats and yachts to our customers, in addition to finishing up what's lined up for manufacturing and delivery. A few inventory items are going on sale too.

Let's find out about the highlights this month at Bestyear.



Leading the newly launched this month are two catamaran sailboat models. The 57ft Sailboat is built as a truly luxury yacht, featuring the all-inclusive indoor living space with spacious guest area, dining area and bedroom. In comparison, the 31ft model features its open deck design, most suitable for explorative and pleasure trips with friends and family.

  • Length: 57ft / 17.25m

  • Beam: 29.3ft / 8.95m

  • Draft: 1.5m

  • Certification: CE Category A: 12 / B:14 / C:14

  • Length: 31ft / 9.1m

  • Width: 14ft / 4.3m

  • Designed Speed (with engines): 10kn

  • Max Load (Passengers): 25


Fishing Boats

With a beautiful and sleek curve, the 1100 Cabin Fishing Boat is newly introduced member of our fishing boat line. The modern and minimalist design gives it an airy outlook, while the spacious cabin allows for groups of enthusiasts to travel and fish together.

This fishing boat is for sale at just under US$70,000.


Passenger Boats & Water Taxis

The evolution of water taxies and waterbuses have surpassed the need for just comfort of the passengers. We've observed it and launched this line of highly demanded waterbus series, featuring a panoramic view from inside the cabin.

The waterbus series ranges from 9.6-12.5 meters in length, accommodating from 29 to 50 passengers, based on the various sizes and setups. In order to maintain the indoor temperature level for its passengers, the product is built with high-end heat-proof windows, and comes optionally with air conditioning.

The Passenger Ferry 1900, on the other hand, features a standard double-deck design, allowing for sightseeing from both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is an inboard-powered ferry boat, with the loading capacity of up to 70 people.

  • Length: 9.68 / 11.59 / 12.56m

  • Width: 3.2m

  • Depth: 1.25m

  • Max Load (Passengers): 29 / 40 / 50

  • Length: 19.2m

  • Width: 4m

  • Depth: 1.35m

  • Speed: 20-30kn

  • Number of Passengers: 30-70



Patented portable folding trailer, suitable motorbikes and boats within 4 meters in length (e.g. RIB / RHIB, aluminum boats, dinghies). This trailer is easy to store and transport, while offering the complete benefits of traditional boat trailers, as well as robust and lasting performance. 


Stay Tuned

We work to continuously reinvent ourselves in order to serve the need of the market better. If you would like to see a particular model or design, or simply want to propose something for us to consider developing, please don't hesitate to send us a message.

Stay tuned for upcoming newsletters!


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